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Providing software, network, and consulting services to the Tri-State area's small-to-medium sized businesses,

municipal governments, school districts, and local tax collection offices.




Eliminate the headaches that come from manual collection practices or antiquated or poorly supported products!   

     Some points to consider:

TaxLogix© has been in use in dozens of tax offices since 1985.

Users, including those in Allegheny, Beaver, and Westmoreland counties, can vouch for the quality of the software, and the quality of our local support.

Your municipality and school district rely on the timely collection and reporting of property and per capita taxes, and TaxLogix© has all the tools you will need to be successful.

TaxLogix© is updated regularly to handle changes in tax laws, enhancements, and requests from our user base.

Better recordkeeping means accurate collections and reporting, as well as smoother auditing.

Costs can be shared between the municipality and school district, and could be as low as $300 for the initial year!

You will not find a better supported product! 

    Discounted pricing is now available for a limited time!

  Please call our office at 412-828-5044 for details!














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